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Friends/Park Partners

Friends of West End Park and Open Space Commission is to furnish the capital and labor responsibility for the West End Regional Park. This non-profit entity is to support the best interests of the West End Park and Open Space Commission (WEPOSC) for the purpose of maintaining and enhancing the regional open space and parks and recreation system. With your support, WEPOSC will foster a greater sense of pride, awareness and stewardship of the West End Region, raise the public awareness about the park, create a vocal and visible support base and encourage community and business leaders to help make West End Regional Park a reality.

Please visit our Contact Us page to receive more information how you can support the environmental, recreational and cultural programs offered to all West End residents.

Download a Friends Membership Application.

West End Park Partner is an initiative by the West End Park and Open Space Commission. It encourages individuals, as well as both public and private groups, to assist with improvements to our municipal park areas. Volunteer projects have provided many valuable improvements to our park areas over the years.

All types of organizations can work together to improve parks in the West End. This is a great opportunity for family, small and large businesses, service groups, scout troops, school groups, activity and youth groups, church groups, service projects, environmental organizations, university groups, senior citizen groups and community associations.

Park Partner groups may adopt an entire project such as blazing a new trail or build a planting bed. Individuals can assist with special programs, participate in organized work days or be a park monitor. No matter what your interests or schedule, there is a volunteer opportunity waiting for you at the West End Regional Park.


Dave Fleetwood Scholarships
2014  Ashley Coleman, Kunkletown           $500.00


2015  Chantelle Lutz, Brodheadsville       $1,000.00

2015  Madison Olexson, Saylorsburg      $1,000.00


2016  Mellissa Pasqua, Saylorsburg       $1,000.00

2016  Benjamin Estrella, Effort               $1,000.00


2017  William Milburn, Kunkletown          $2,000.00

2017  Ian Prator, Saylorsburg                $2,000.00

2018  Sarah Kaye, Effort                       $2,000.00

2018  Noah Neubert, Saylorsburg           $2,000.00


2019  Patricia Dominick, Brodheadsville  $2,000.00

2019  Jake Ammermann, Saylorsburg     $2,000.00


2020  Addison Borger, Brodheadsville     $2,000.00

2020  Mychal Kearns, Saylorsburg         $2,000.00


2021 Scholarships, Once again we will award (2) $2,000.00 scholarships this year to deserving PVHS graduates. click for guidelines and application.  Return by April 15. Applcations are also availabe at PVHS Guidance Office. application


The West End Park and Open Space Commission welcomes all individuals with interest in and enthusiasm for parks, greenways, open space or recreational programming.

Have you ever asked yourself....

   What can I do in my spare time?

   How can I become involved in my community?

   How do I adpot a project?

If so, we got a job for you!  WEPOSC is always looking for individuals to assist in various projects.

For information on volunteer opportunities see list below.  Please contact Bernie Kozen at 570–992–9733, visit our Contact Us page or attend our monthly meeting on the 2nd Wednesday each month at the Chestnuthill Park Building, 221 Rt. 715-Brodheadsville starting at 6:30pm.

Park Monitor
Volunteers agree to periodically observe the conditions at the municipal parks. Each monitor notes the times and dates of visits, and reports vandalism and safety hazards. Each monitor must be familiar with all park rules and maintenance needs. If immediate troubles are encountered, he or she calls 911, but does not engage in confrontations.


Have a great idea to raise money or assist in one of our many fundraising efforts.

Volunteers help plant flowers, shrubs, and trees and maintain planting beds.

Scout Projects
Boy and Girl Scout projects are welcomed. Please contact the staff before completing a project proposal to allow review and recommendations for the best results.

Group Opportunities
Volunteer and service groups, such as Rotary, Jaycees, Lions or other member organizations, wishing to contribute manpower/resources are always welcome. Please contact staff to coordinate a project.

Special Events
Volunteer to assist in the planning, preparation, participation and clean-up of the special event. Our staff will contact you for special projects based on individual skills and interests.

Work Days

Assist in the upkeep of the trails, roadside liter pickup, and other park improvement projects.  Most projects are simple and require undemanding manual labor.

Community Service
Individuals or groups needing to complete community service hours need to contact staff for review of projects and coordination.

Share your special talent or interest and conduct a recreation or educational program for children, youth or adults. He or she sets/up, greets participants, presents the program, cleans/up and reports back to the director. All programming must be approved by WEPOSC.


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