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West End Park & Open Space Commission - Our Vision

The West End Park and Open Space Commission is a model of conservation and public recreation for people who live, work, and visit Chestnuthill, Eldred, Polk and Ross Townships in Monroe County. It offers public access to a variety of recreation opportunities; premiere community sports facilities, indoor recreation, and special events space. As an inviting and secure destination, the parks’ success is rooted in high quality facilities, programming and maintenance.

The Park enhances the quality of life for the entire region and serves as a catalyst for economic development.

The West End Park and Open Space Commission (WEPOSC) will plan, design, develop, program, and maintain the West End Regional Park with the spirit and resources necessary to conserve the priceless legacy of the natural and culturally significant property as a public park.

According to the Monroe 2020 Comprehensive Plan, adopted in 1999, open space is the most distinguishing feature of Monroe County. In 2001, the County Commissioners approved the Monroe County Open Space Plan, which sets the county’s conservation priorities and call for a county that is “forever green”- a county featuring an open space system linked by a network of preserved land and trails.

The West End communities of Chestnuthill, Ross, Eldred and Polk Townships participated in the creation of the Open Space and Recreation Plan in 2002. The recreation and open space needs of each community and the area were considered during a series of interviews, community meetings, and discussions held with a variety of people who plan, oversee and implement recreation services in the region. The plan was officially adopted by the participating municipalities in January 2003.

The Open Space and Recreation Plan recommended developing a 244 acre multi-use facility on Merwine-Hilltop Road, known as the Romascavage property, in Chestnuthill Township. This plan works to carry out Monroe County’s vision of protecting environmental resources, creating greenways and establishing new parklands.

WEPOSC was created in September of 2006 by an Intergovernmental Cooperation Agreement amongst Ross and Chestnuthill Townships along with the Pleasant Valley School District. The commission will provide for planning, development, operation, maintenance and programming for the West End Regional Park.

The Commission shall be three (3) representatives appointed by each participating municipality and one (1) representative appointed by the Pleasant Valley School District. It employs an Executive Director and assists the park and recreation boards of all West End communities.

This initiative represents an innovative, long-term effort by these public bodies to jointly fund and support the development and operation of parks that will host activities from across the region. “Working together” enables the municipalities to provide more recreational opportunities, preserve land and improve the quality of life of our residents.