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The purpose of Friends of West End Park and Open Space Commission is to furnish the capital and labor responsibility for the West End Regional Park. This non-profit entity is to support the best interests of the West End Park and Open Space Commission (WEPOSC) for the purpose of maintaining and enhancing the regional open space and parks and recreation system. With your support, WEPOSC will foster a greater sense of pride, awareness and stewardship of the West End Region, raise the public awareness about the park, create a vocal and visible support base and encourage community and business leaders to help make West End Regional Park a reality.

Please visit our Contact Us page to receive more information how you can support the environmental, recreational and cultural programs offered to all West End residents.

Download a Friends Membership Application.

West End Park Partner is an initiative by the West End Park and Open Space Commission. It encourages individuals, as well as both public and private groups, to assist with improvements to our municipal park areas. Volunteer projects have provided many valuable improvements to our park areas over the years.

All types of organizations can work together to improve parks in the West End. This is a great opportunity for family, small and large businesses, service groups, scout troops, school groups, activity and youth groups, church groups, service projects, environmental organizations, university groups, senior citizen groups and community associations.

Park Partner groups may adopt an entire project such as blazing a new trail or build a planting bed. Individuals can assist with special programs, participate in organized work days or be a park monitor. No matter what your interests or schedule, there is a volunteer opportunity waiting for you at the West End Regional Park.