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BioBlitz 2016:  

What is a BioBlitz?
A BioBlitz is designed to be part contest, part festival, part educational event and part scientific endeavor that will bring together scientists from Monroe County, Academia, the Monroe County Conservation District, and the public, in a race against time to count the species of plants and animals that live on a predetermined natural area. This 24 hour snapshot of the flora and fauna on a given piece of property provides insight into the properties overall biological diversity and the species of concern if any on that property. The Conservation District working in cooperation with different local and regional agencies and funding provided by the Kettle Creek Environmental Fund hold a BioBlitz every two years in June.

2016 BioBlitz Results
The Monroe County Conservation District partnered with the West End Park and Open Space Commission in sponsoring our sixth BioBlitz, funded by the Kettle Creek Environmental Fund, which was held on June 17-18, 2016 at the West End Regional Park in Chestnuthill Township.Friday, June 17 and ended 24 hours later, Saturday, June 18, at 3pm. Teams of scientists and helpers sampled the fauna and flora of the entire property in a methodical count of what lives there. The public assisted by accompanying the teams in the field and by observing and helping to count and sort a variety of species at the BioBlitz headquarters. Kids of all ages had the opportunity to observe and learn about how scientists do their jobs in the lab and the field.

This year’s results are in:

Grand Total798